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Oil Separator 5404

Oil Separator 5404

Oil Separator 5404 is a professional oil separator with self-levelling magnetic holding skimmer, made with stainless steel and sheet steel.
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Oil Separator 5404 is specifically designed to eliminate tramp oils in the soluble cutting oil tank for all types of machine tools, which generally cause problems such as corrosion and staining of machines and parts, the appearance of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, the destabilisation of the cutting fluid with the consequent loss of lubrication and the quality of the surface finish, the appearance of fumes, mist and foam and dermatitis in operators.
Properties and Advantages:
- Designed and manufactured in Germany and TÜV certified.
- Robust construction in stainless steel and steel plate.
- Its 15-litre tank for the separated oil can be easily emptied without tools.
- The self-levelling magnetic fastening skimmer allows quick installation and totally autonomous operation during the machine cleaning operation.- Easy to transport from one machine to another through the workshop.
- Its use improves the surface finish quality of the machined parts, lengthens the tool´s useful life, keeps the machine clean and prolongs bath life, eliminating tramp oils.
Oil Separator 5404 is recommended for the periodic cleaning of machine tool tanks: CNC, automatic lathes, milling machines, grinders, etc., working with soluble oils or emulsions (cutting fluids), working as a kidney filter, without interrupting the normal operation of the machine.
Oil Separator 5404 is subject to minimal wear since the oils and emulsions removed do not come into contact with rotating parts, such as pumps. The liquid in the sedimentation tank flows back to the machine tank through a slanted plate filter which ensures optimum and continuous oil removal.
Oil Separator 5404 is automatically switched off when the maximum level is reached in the oil tank.
Technical Data:
Technical characteristics Value
Filtration flow rate (depending on configuration) Up to  250 l/h
Oil removed 35 l/h
Electrical power supply 230V, 50Hz, 0,45 KW, 3,5A
Dimensions L 750 x W 500 x H950 mm
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