Rust Protective Oil 8040

Vulcomet Protection 8040 BF-DW

Vulcomet Protection 8040 BF-DW has been specially developed as a protection product for metal surfaces, in intermediate areas of storage or as storage during transport.
Available in
  • 20 Kg
  • 165 Kg
Vulcomet Protection 8040 BF-DW provides a waxy film on the machined material, without sliding characteristics and with an excellent capacity to shift humidity for an excellent anticorrosive protection.
Vulcomet Protection 8040 BF-DW provides a light film that will not attract dust and provides a light lubricating capacity.
Vulcomet Protection 8040 BF-DW can be disposed of using any of the following products: White Spirit (petroleum solvent), aromatic solvents or industrial cleaners of an alkaline nature.
It is recommended to use baths by immersion of the pieces to be protected when an efficient displacement of the water is the objective. To avoid evaporation of the product, a suitable container with a lid should be used.
In order to guarantee a total movement of the water, specially in complex parts, it is recommended to perform dives of 30 to 60 seconds, rotating the parts in order to bring them into contact with the protective fluid. Vulcomet Protection 8040 BF-DW can also be applied with spray systems, brush, paintbrush and scrubbing brush.
Technical Data:
Physio-chemical characteristics Value
Flash point, T, ºC  >42
Density at 20ºC g/ml 0,795

Thickness of protective film,

Drying time, min. 30
Protection during internal storage 6-8 months
Wet Cabin Test, days, ASTM D1748 60
Water displacement, MIL-C-16173E Pass
Alkaline cleaning test Good (VW 52.02)
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