Anticongelante Concentrado Mineral

Anticongelante Concentrado Mineral


Concentrated antifreeze fluid-Coolant, prepared for use when diluted in demineralised water in a maximum recommended concentration of 60% of product and a minimum of 20%.

Available in
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres
  • 1.000 Litres

Glycol-based formulation and a selected package of inorganic additives: oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, and descaling and defoaming, highlighting its specific formula of super-stabilized silicates. It provides effective protection of the cooling circuit in all kind internal combustion engines. 
Properties & Advantages:
- Excellent protection from the corrosion of steel and its alloys, as well as aluminium, its alloys and other soft metals.
- NAP free inorganic technology: does not contain nitrites, amines nor phosphates. Any problems with deposits deriving from the use of phosphates are avoided.
- Antifreeze protection of the coolant liquid down to -40oC (-40oF) in dilutions at 60% of the concentrate, avoiding any
damage to the engine in cold climates.
- Antiboiling protection up to+145ºC(+293ºF) for dilutions at 60% inclosed, pressurised circuits, protecting the enginein overheating situations.
- Excellent heat transfer capacity.
- Good antifoam properties.
- Its high boiling point avoids fluid cavitation and hence the erosion of the circuit owing to the implosion of fluid bubbles against the interior walls of the circuit. The risk of the pitting of the cylinder sleeves and pumps is avoided which could give rise to serious damage to the engine.
- Avoids the formation of lime deposits.
- In heating installations, lengthens the life of the boiler, radiators, pumps and the other elements to be found at the installation.
- Compatible with joints and elastomers usually used in cooling circuits.
- Refrigeration fluid in closed cooling systems of internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, buses, farm machinery, construction and earthworks machinery or in any other vehicle whose cooling system requires a water-glycol based mixture.
- House hold and industrial heating installations that work in a closed circuit.
- Not suitable for cooling systems in aviation.
Technical Data:

Physio-chemical characteristics Standard Value
Glycol content (%)
UNE26-361/2 >85
Density (kg/l)
ASTM D-1122 1.11
Boiling Point (ºC)(ºF)
ASTM D-1120 >150 (302)
pH ASTM D-1287 8.0-9.5

Specifications /Quality Level:

Anticongelante Concentrado Mineral OLIPES meets, among others, the requirement of the International Standards:

ASTM D-3306 (ASTM-D-1384, 4340, 2570,2809)

ASTM D-4985

BS 6580 (GB)

CUNA NC 956-16 (I)


E/L 1415C (MIL Italy)

JIS K2234

NATO S-759

SAE J1034

UNE 26361-88(E)

FW Heft R 443 (D)

Afnor R 15601 (F) except pH

KSM 2142 (K)

Anticongelante Concentrado Mineral OLIPES meets, among others, the requirements of OEM Standards:

GM US 6277 M

VOLVO (Reg. N⁰ 260)

MERCEDES DBL 7700 (325.0)

MAN 324 type NF

VAG Group (Porsche, Audi, Seat, Volkswagen, Skoda) where G11 technology is needed, with the specification: VW (VAG) TL-774C (G11)

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