Masterclean Car BBO 20L.

Masterclean Car BBO


Masterclean Car BBO  is a biodegradable concentrated shampoo for water diluted use.

Available in
  • 20 Litres
  • 1.000 Litres

Masterclean Car BBO is a biodegradable concentrated shampoo for water diluted use.
Masterclean Car BBO is recommended for the cleaning and degreasing of car bodies, truck tarpaulins and industrial machinery, in tunnel washing and with high pressure cleaning machines and steam cleaning machines.
Masterclean Car BBO quickly removes traces of grease and contamination adhesion to surfaces without damaging crystals, enamels or paints.
Masterclean Car BBO easily removes the most encrusted dirt, insects, bird droppings, etc.
Masterclean Car BBO is formulated with biodegradable components, and has alkaline pH and high detergent-degreasing capacity. Its environmentally-friendly biodegradable forrmula allows it to be used in sensitive areas outdoors; an essential property for the degreasing of agricultural machinery, construction and public works machinery, tunnels, wind generators or solar energy plates, in which their performance is greatly increased after the cleaning of their photovoltaic surfaces.
Masterclean Car BBO is totally free of solvents and petroleum-based hydrocarbons. 
Quality Level/Properties: pH: 10.5 - 11.5.
Solubility in water: Totally soluble.
Appearance: Aqueous soapy liquid.
Colour: light yellowish tone.

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