Olicut 545

Olicut 545

Olicut 545 is a specific lubricating oil for high severity machining operations.
Available in
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres
  • 1.000 Litres
Olicut 545 is a specific lubricating oil for high severity machining operations. Formulated with high chemical resistant bases and chlorine-free additives. 
- Its composition guarantees the perfect preservation of tools and tools.
It has excellent moisturising properties.
High cooling and lubricating power.
Prevents premature wear of tools.
Contributes to the perfect finish.
Minimal formation of smoke and fog.
Increases the performance of the operation, reducing costs by increasing productivity.
Light-coloured product, allowing the part to be observed during the machining process.
Long service life of the incorporated additives, excellent thermochemical stability.
Machining operations on stainless steel.
Filling and stamping operations.
Pipe drawing operations.
Drilling and tapping.
Highly severe machining on hard steels, stainless steel sheets, carbon steels, cast iron, etc.
Not recommended for operations on copper or aluminium alloys.


Technical Data:

Physical-Chemical Properties Specification Value
Nature ---- Oil
Density at 15ºC (kg/l) ASTM D-1298 0,880-0,890
ASTM colour, typical ASTM D-1500 4.0
Kinematic viscosiity at 40ºC (cSt) ASTM D-445 35-45
Weiding load (kg) ASTM D-2783 >800
Flash Point (ºC) ASTM D-92 >210

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