One Shot additive diesel fuel to pass the MOT

One Shot


One Shot is a multifunctional diesel treatment that minimises the problems generated by biodiesel currently incorporated in "all" diesel fuels marketed in the European Union and by the water present in tanks due to condensation.

Available in
  • 100 ml (12x100ml)
  • 1 Litre (10x1L)


-    leans, lubricates and protects injectors and pump

-    Maintains clean combustion circuit, preventing premature clogging of filters.

-    Increases Cetane Index.

-    Improves combustion, reducing fuel consumption.

-    Reduces the formation of exhaust smoke and soot.

-    Scatters and absorbs condensed water.

-    Get a decrease in filterability temperature limit.

-    Allows for faster preheating and easy starting in winter.

-    Protects the circuit and its mechanisms from rust and corrosion.

-    Prevents and avoids the following problems: difficulty in starting, idling unstable; Knocking in the engine, excessive smoke, excessive consumption, etc.


It can be used in all types of diesel engines, naturally aspirated, turbocharged, direct injection or common rail.

ONE SHOT is fully compatible with any type of diesel fuel, fuel oil or biodiesel, and is particularly suitable for use in Cars, Trucks, Agricultural and Heavy Machinery, Marine Engines, Boilers, Furnace, Turbogenerators and any type of internal combustion engines.

LIGHT VEHICLE: 1 dose of 100 ml per tank every 5,000 km.

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