Acat F-20
Acat F-20
Acat F-20
Acat F-20

Acat 300

Food-grade synthetic oils for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Formulated from components approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), meeting as a whole the requirements of the standard H1 for lubricants that could have incidental food contact for human consumption.  ACAT F-20, is mineral and special for chains that work at normal temperatures.
Available in
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres


Especially recommended for lubrication of autoclave chains, chains from pasteurization ovens, conveyor chains in cold rooms, industrial slaughterhouses, chains from thermal curing ovens, paint ovens, pump bearings and generally in all kinds of similar applications of food industry, textile, paint, rubber, etc..
No stain. Suitable for thermal curing processes with dry and saturated steam, even under the presence of acids and / or alkalis.
Certain “lubed for life” systems, in food industry, textile, printing (machinery Roland, Heidelberg, etc.), chain lubrication at high temperature (RAMES) and in the chemical industry in general, where lubricating oils with similar characteristics and properties are required.
In case you need oils with lower viscosities than those available in the ACAT range, depending on the required viscosity, we recommend using MAXIGEAR-ATOX or FLOW SYN CP ATOX, perfectly prepared for chains.


Exceptional lubricating characteristics superior to those of a conventional mineral oil. Thermal stability and oxidation. Resistant to the formation of oxidation products which are produced at high temperatures.
Low pour point. Good lubrication at low temperatures that occur during start-up.
Increase the periods of relubrication. Lower maintenance costs.
Protection against rust and corrosion. High level of corrosion protection of all metal surfaces.
It improves system cleaning.
Compatible with all seals and paints normally used for mineral oils.


Code H1 Category

NSF Registration No.: 141982







Flash Point

Pour Point

ACAT 300



> 140

-30 °C to +180 °C

> 240 °C

-35 °C

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