Maxigras 63 5L.

Maxigras 63

Maxigras 63 is a high-quality, quality EP infusible grease for applications at very high service temperatures.
Available in
  • 5 Litres (4x5L)
  • 20 Litres
  • 50 Litres
  • 200 Litres
Maxigras 63 is a high-quality EP infusible grease for applications at very high service temperatures. Formulated with a mixture of highly refined base oils and synthetic oil, resulting in a high oil viscosity grease with very low volatility. Contains solid extreme pressure additives.

- Lubrication of bearings, bushings and mechanisms of all kinds subjected to high temperatures, such as furnace doors and chains, calenders, dryers, polyamides, paper factories, feed granulators, steel industry, etc.
- Lubrication of main and planetary gears of double drum winches used in mining.
- Open gears and chains exposed to extreme climatic conditions, rollers of slow moving equipment, guides and pivots, flexible couplings, friction bushes used in the mining industry, automotive equipment, lift pulleys, cranes, etc.
- Excellent behavior at high temperatures.
- Working temperature: from -10 °C to +180 ºC (+14 °F to +356 °F) and peaks of +200 °C (+392 °F).
- Good resistance to water and water vapor.
- High stability to mechanical work. Especial for slow elements.
- EP, Long-Life and anticorrosive properties.
Specifications / Quality Level:
Classification / Degree NLGI 2
DIN 51502 KPF2R-10
ISO 6743/9 ISO-L-XBFEB-2

Technical Data

Characteristics Standard Value
Consistency (NLGI) DIN 51818 2
Type of Thickener (Nature) Inorganic
Colour Visual Grey to Black
Base oil, (ISO viscosity grade) ISO 3448 680

Loss of penetration:

  After 105 strokes, 25ºC, (77ºF) %

ASTM D-217 +10
Dropping point, ºC (ºF) ASTM D-2265 Infusible
Resistance to water, 3h, 90ºC (grado) DIN 51807 1
Copper Corrosion, Máx. ASTM D-130 1a
Wear test , welding load (mm) ASTM D-2596 >200
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