Maxigras 592/1

Maxigras 592/1


Maxigras 592 is a non-toxic universal use grease, specially formulated with bases and additives in the proportions adapted to meet the strict requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and automobile industries.

Available in
  • 200 Litres

Maxigras 592 is a non-toxic, complex aluminium grease with extreme pressure (EP) and high dropping point properties for lubrication of precision mechanisms.
Maxigras 592 is approved by NSF and INS according to the criteria established by USDA H1 and USDA FDA 21 CFR 1795380 regulations: Lubricants likely to come into accidental contact with food", allowing their use in a wide range of applications in the food industry, canning, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical, instrumental and chemical, feed presses and at all points where there is risk of contact with food, drink or medicine.
The unique features of the Maxigras 592 make it the preferred grease by top-of-the-range automotive manufacturers for lifetime lubrication of vehicle interior moving parts without any risk of contamination to their occupants in case of accidental contact or ingestion, including in sanitary vehicles, with lubrication of rear view mirrors, seat guides, sunroofs, folding hoods, etc., and is specially recommended for vehicle assembly lines.
Maxigras 592 is easily pumpable even in the cold, allowing its application with precision dosing guns in large assembly lines, with long pipelines from remote centralised greasing systems.
Maxigras 592 has excellent resistance to washing with water, even hot water with detergents in washing tunnels.
Maxigras 592 withstands the weather and high temperatures, allowing lifetime lubrication and withstanding high temperatures in paint booths and drying ovens without deteriorating, dripping or tarnishing.
Maxigras 592 is compatible with all types of joints, seals and paints.
Maxigras 592 exceeds the highest requirements levels of the following specifications: DIN51502 51502 KP2P-20, ISO 6743/9 L-XBEIB-2. H1 Category Code. NSF Registration Nº 139406.
Consistency: NLGI Rating: 2/3 Dropping Point: >250°C (+482°F). 
Work temperatures: -20°C to +160°C (-4°F to +320°F). 
Thickener type: Aluminium complex.
Contains EP additives.
Colour: White mother-of-pearl.

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