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OLIPES contributes to the professional integration of young


Youth unemployment in Europe represents one of the most relevant social and economic challenges of recent decades. More than one million youths in Spain envision their efforts regarding their professional future thwarted by the lack of job opportunities, a situation that is alarming because of the high rate of young people who are facing long-term unemployment and exclusion.

The problem is tremendously complex both in its causes and in solutions. However, all studies refer to the primary role of companies towards the solution to this situation, and no corporation should avoid taking this role. At OLIPES, we have internalized this thought and we have begun to collaborate with other public and private entities, aiming to solve the problem that is currently experienced in Spain.
Because of this action, a young Quality Analysis and Control Laboratory Technician has joined our staff, having recently taken her new work position.
Companies are the ones that must turn any public support to these youths into employment opportunities. Thus, we have received a subsidy from the European Social Fund, under the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) program, for the Community of Madrid.

We are aware of the problem of youth employment, where the lack of experience becomes an obstacle on their access to the job market, but we also value, in a very positive way, the fresh ideas, enthusiasm, energy and other values that recent graduates, who have a great academic background, bring to the job.
At OLIPES, we know that success is the sum of all things, such as employees with longstanding professional experience together with the drive of young people with remarkable academic skills. Together we make a great team.

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