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OLIPES guarantees the supply of its lubricants


Pursuant to the continuous containment measures imposed by the different countries, and in particular those adopted by the Government of Spain to contain the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, we are dealing with this sensitive situation with the utmost professional ethics and responsibility.

Our presence in more than 45 countries, with different degrees of participation and varying levels of Covid-19 activity, means we are responsible, now more than ever, for continuing our activity consisting of the manufacture and provision of lubricants and other essential products, in order to guarantee the basic services of supply and security that the Company requires, in full compliance with the legal framework in force at the time.

Within the scope of the current situation caused by COVID-19, we wish to extend a message of calm. We at OLIPES are continuing to meet our production capacity, adapted to the demand of our customers and distributors throughout the world at all times, thereby guaranteeing the supply of our lubricants.

The agreements entered into with suppliers, the forecasts executed with regard to the storage of raw materials, the security measures implemented, the support of legal entities and public authorities in relation to upholding our production capacity and the delivery service guaranteed by the majority of the freight carriers with which we work have enabled us to guarantee all our supplies.

Our clients, which include the State Security Forces and Services, public transport, airports, farming and livestock cooperatives and enterprises, fishing fleets, food and beverages processing and packaging facilities, electricity generating companies, paper mills, vehicle and essential machinery repair and preventive and corrective maintenance workshops, manufacturers and maintainers of generators, the textile and plastic processing industries, etc ... can all rest easy, as can society as a whole, with which we have a strong commitment to solidarity.

We at Olipes, now more than ever, will be doing everything within our power to guarantee the quality of our service, in full compliance with the instructions of the Health Authorities, the WHO, the Government of Spain and the Provincial and Local Authorities, as a means of ensuring the strategic sectors in the management of this pandemic continue to operate.

In an environment that is changing on a daily basis, we do not know how this health crisis is going to develop and what measures the authorities are going to take to fight it. We will be paying close attention to any new decision that may affect our activity or our workers, adapting in real time and informing you immediately.

Once again, we hereby extend our best wishes and gratitude in the hope we may regain our daily lives sooner rather than later, the life we thought was so hard at times and which we now we miss so much.

We are sure that we will be able to overcome all the different adversities and that this situation will make us stronger and will serve to further strengthen our ties.

We shall prevail together.

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