Maxifluid PSF-11S 1L.

Maxifluid PSF-11S


Maxifluid PSF-11S is a high performance PSF (power steering fluid) synthetic fluid with long life properties.


Maxifluid PSF-11S is a high-performance PSF (power steering fluid) hydraulic fluid with long life properties for assisted steering, hydraulic brakes*, hydraulic suspensions and hydraulic drive systems operating with LHM or PSF hydraulic fluids.
Maxifluid PSF-11S  improves hydraulic braking, steering and undercarriage functions and, because its high quality, provides maximum safety and ride comfort even under extreme weather conditions and working temperatures (from -40°C to over 130°C ).
Maxifluid PSF-11S  is recommended for the VAG group (Audi/Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda), Bentley, BMW-Mini, Chrysler, Dodge, Fendt, Ford, GM/Opel GM, Jeep, Benz, Porsche, Saab and Volvo in which a PSF-11S or CHF-11S-type hydraulic fluid is required.
Maxifluid PSF-11S  is compatible with original reference fluids: VAG G002 000 A2 group, VAG G004 000 M2 group , Bentley RH 5000, BMW / Mini 82 11 1 468 041 (since September 2001 on all vehicles), BMW / Mini 82 11 0 148 132, BMW / Mini 83 29 0 429 576, Fendt X 902 011 622, Mercedes-Benz MB 001 989 24 03 10, MB 001 989 24 03 12, MB Q 1 32 0001, Porsche 000 043 203 33 , Saab 3032 380, Volvo 11 61 529.
Maxifluid PSF-11S exceeds the specifications of main car manufacturers: Grupo VAG (Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Škoda) TL 52 146.00, Ford WSS-M2C204-A, MAN M 3289, Mercedes-Benz MB 345.0, ZF TE-ML 02K.
Maxifluid PSF-11S  exceeds DIN 51 524 T3 and ISO 7308 standards.
Maxifluid PSF-11S  is compatible with orange LSD fluids recommended by Citroën for Hydractive 3 and Hydractive 3+ suspensions.
Maxifluid PSF-11S  is recommended for Man, Fiat-Iveco and all major truck and military vehicle manufacturers, even for vehicles operating in extreme weather conditions.
Maxifluid PSF-11S  is recommended to optimise the performance of Shimano brakes.
Attention: Do not mix with DOT-type synthetic brake fluids.
For a correct choice of the most suitable fluid for your vehicle model, consult our Lubricant Selector and always follow the instructions in your vehicle´s maintenance manual.

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