Maxifluid DX-III

Maxifluid DX-III


Maxifluid DX-III is a Ford Mercon® and General Motors Dexron III-H grade ATF fluid formulated with synthetic bases and specific additives for automatic transmissions and assisted steering.

Available in
  • 1 Litre (12x1L)
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres
  • 1.000 Litres

Maxifluid DX-III replaces traditional Dexron II and Dexron III conventional applications in which high transmission accuracy and maximum oxidation resistance are required even at high working temperatures. 

Maxifluid DX-III is also recommended as power transmission fluid in turboclutches, torque converters, certain manual transmissions and in hydraulic systems where a fluid according to DIN 51524 standard part 2 (HLP) and part 3 (HVLP) is required in ISO VG 46 grade.
Maxifluid DX-III exceeds a wide range of specifications: Allison C3/C4/TES 389, API GL-4 for manual gearboxes requiring a lubricant of this quality level and SAE 75W o 75W80 viscosity, A.T.F. type A Suffix A, Caterpillar CAT TO-2, Chrysler MS-9602 / MA-7176 Ford MERCON ® / M2C138-CJ / M2C166-H, General Motors GM DEXRON ® III F/G/H ; GM DEXRON ® II D/E (TASA), Man 339 Z-1 y V-1 / 339 Z-2 y V2, Mercedes Benz MB 236.1/236.5/236.6 & 236.7 (DX-II D); MB 236.9 Compatible with MB 236.2 (TASA) & MB 236.3 (DX-II D), Voith 55.6335 / 55.6636 and ZF TE ML-02F/03D/04D/09/11A/14A/16L/17C amongst others.
Maxifluid DX-III is suitable for manual gearboxes where the use of API GL-4 quality level lubricant and 75W, 80W or 75W80 viscosities is recommended.
Maxifluid DX-III is not recommended for CVT, DSG transmissions with double wet clutch or for Mercedes Benz 7 to 9 speed gearboxes, etc. For a correct choice of the most suitable lubricant, consult your vehicle's manual or consult our Lubricant Selector.

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