Maxigear 90 LS GL5 20L.

Maxigear 90 LS GL5

Maxigear 90 LS GL5 is a SAE 90 lubricant formulated with selected bases and a specific additive system for use in limited slip gears.
Available in
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres
Properties and Advantages:
- Excellent performance at high speeds and high torque.
- Reduction of noise and vibrations due to its additive friction modifier.
- Provides high protection against wear of components, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.
- Compatible with elastomers (joints and seals)
- Excellent protection against rust and corrosion
- High extreme pressure capacity to withstand high loads
- Maxigear 90 LS: its technological preparation, its high viscosity in warm conditions and its excellent cold start performance allow it to be used as an excellent quality 80W90 multigrade Valvoline or as a SAE 90 monograde product of.
- Its duration exceeds 150,000 km.
- Differential and gearboxes in closed casing, straight size, helical or gleason, as well as worm gear.
- All-terrain vehicle transmissions and Public Works machinery, which require final transmission characteristics even with oil-immersed brakes.
- Self-locking differentials and rear bridges of all types of vehicles and, in general, where LS (limited slip) benefits are required.
Specifications / Quality Level:
API GL-5 (LS) MAN 342 N
MB 235.6 ZF TE ML 05 A / 07A / 12E /16B,C,D / 17B / 19B / 21B
Technical Data:
Physio-chemical characteristics Standard Value
Grade SAE SAE J306 90 / 80W90
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ºC (cSt) D-445 16-19
Freezing point  (ºC) ASTM D-97 <-25
Flash point (ºC) ASTM D-92 >220
FZG, test (stage) DIN 51384/2 >12
TIMKEN load (lb) ASTM D-2782 >60
Corrosion copper foil, 3h, 100ºC ASTM D-130 1b
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