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Maxifluid ATF DSG

Maxifluid ATF DSG

Maxifluid ATF DSG is a fully synthetic lubricating fluid, especially designed to meet the lubrication needs of wet double-clutch transmissions.
Available in
  • 1 Litre (12x1L)
  • 20 Litres
Maxifluid ATF DSG is a fully synthetic lubricating fluid, especially designed to meet the lubrication needs of wet double-clutch transmissions.
Properties and Advantages:
High resistance against rust and corrosion.
Especially selected additive package to control wear and provide the correct coefficient of friction for double-clutch
Excellent transmission of power, minimal losses due to friction.
Excellent anti-foaming and deaeration properties.
High fluidity at low temperature, reducing premature wear caused by cold starts.
Its high index of viscosity ensures sufficient lubrication at both high and low temperature.
Optimal control of friction to allow increased efficiency of gear changes.
Compatible with commonly-used joints and elastomers..
Product specifically and solely designed around its use in wet double-clutch transmissions.
Due to the particular coefficient of friction of this type of fluid, its use is not recommended in other types of transmissions, either automatic or manual.
Specifications / Quality Level:
Maxifluid ATF DSG is compatible with the fluids recommended by the following manufacturers:


BMW 83 22 2 148 578
83 22 2 148 579
83 22 0 440 214
83 22 2 147 477
FORD Ford M2C936A

MB 236.21


MZ 320065 Dia-Queen SSTF-I

PSA (Peugeot / Citroën) PSA 9734.S2
PORSCHE Oil nº 999 917 080 00
VOLVO 1161838 1161839
VAG (Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda) VW TL 052 182
VW TL 052 529 (Audi)


Technical Data:


Physicochemical Characteristics Standard Value
Viscosity at 100ºC (cSt), typical ASTM D-445 7,0
Viscosity at -40ºC, Máx (cP) ASTM D-2983 14000
Density at 15ºC, Typical (kg/l) ASTM D-1298 0,850
Flash point (ºC) ASTM D-92 > 180
Pour point (ºC) ASTM D-97 - 45
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