Maxifluid ATF 3309

Maxifluid ATF 3309


Maxifluid ATF 3309 is a fully synthetic technology fluid and multifunctional character specially conceived for automatic transmissions of up to 5 speeds of Asian, European and North American vehicles that require to exceed, among others, the AISIN WARNER: JWS-3309 and ZF: LIFEGUARD FLUID-5 specifications.

Available in
  • 1 Litre (12x1L)
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres
  • 1.000 Litres
Maxifluid ATF 3309 exceeds Aisin-Warner JWS-3309; JWS-3314; JWS-3317, Allison TES 295/TES 389/C3/C4, BMW 7045E, LA2634 (5HP-30), LT71141, ETL-8072B, 83229407765, Chrysler Mopar AS68RC; ATF+3/4; MS-9602; MS-7176, Caterpillar TO-2, Fiat LT71141, Ford FNR5/Mercon® & Mercon® V, Honda ATF Z1, Hyundai SP-II & SP-III, Kia SP-II/SP-III & Red-1, Jaguar Jatco 3100 PL085, Man 339 Type L-1/339 Type V-1 y V-2; 339 Type Z-1 y Z-2; 339 Type Z-11, Mazda ATF D-III & ATF M-3, Mercedes Benz MB 236.1;2;3;5;6;7;9;10 (5-Speed NAG-1); 11 (LT-71141), Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II/SP-III & ATF J2, Nissan Matic Fluid D/J/K/S/N402, Volvo 4-6 Speed/97340/97341, Jaso 1A, General Motors GM Dexron® II D/E & Tasa/ GM Dexron ® III G/H, Peugeot ZF LifeGuardFluid 5/LT71141/Dexron® III, Saab JWS 3309, Renault Nissan Matic D/J/K, Subaru ATF-HP, Suzuki 3314/3317, Toyota Type T/T-II/T-III & T-IV, VAG (Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda)  G-055025;  G-052162-A1;  G-052990;  N402, Voith 55.6335/55.6336 XX, Volvo 4-6 Speed; 97340;97341, ZF TE-ML 02F/04D/05DL/04D/09//11A/B (LT-71141); 14B/16L/17C/20B & ZF LifeGuardFluid-5; ZF:5HP-30 (LA-2634) specifications and quality levels.
Maxifluid ATF 3309 is suitable for manual gearboxes where the use of a lubricant of API GL-4 quality level and viscosities of 75W, 80W or 75W80 is recommended.
Maxifluid ATF 3309 is not recommended for CVT transmissions, DSG with wet double clutch, Mercedes Benz gearboxes from 7 to 9 speeds or conventional automatic gearboxes with more than 6 speeds where other types of specifications are required. For a correct choice of lubricant more appropriate, consult your vehicle manual or consult our Lubricant Selector or our technical assistance team.


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