Maxitractor 15W40

Maxitractor 15W40

Maxitractor 15W40 is a multifunctional multigrade lubricating oil type STOU.
Available in
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres
  • 1.000 Litres
Maxitractor 15W40 is a multifunctional multigrade lubricating oil type STOU specially developed to meet the lubrication needs of the different mechanisms of tractors and agricultural machinery.
Properties and Advantages:
- Excellent anti-wear capacity, increasing the life of the engine and other components.
- High thermal and chemical stability.
- High viscosity index. Keeps the viscosity at high temperature, avoiding lubricant leaks. Good fluidity at low temperatures, providing greater protection against wear at start-up and avoiding power loss.
- Proven compatibility with copper alloys used in synchronisms and piston pumps.
- High service life while maintaining a stable friction control .
- Its excellent detergent and dispersing properties guarantee the cleaning of the engine and other components, avoiding the formation of deposits and lacquers.
- Guaranteed protection against corrosion system.
- Low volatility, contributing a reduced consumption of lubricant.
- Compatible with joints and materials commonly used in clutches and wet brakes.
- Simplifies maintenance as a multifunctional product, reducing the stock of different products for each lubrication point.
Applications / Specifications / Quality Level:

Diesel engines with atmospheric suction or turbocompressed SAE 15W40, API CF/CE/CD, MIL-L-2104D, MB 227.1
Gears, Rear axles and synchronised or non-synchronised manual transmissions

SAE 85W90, API GL4, MIL-L-2105

ZF TE ML 06B/07B

Hydraulic systems, turbochargers

ISO 68/100, NFE 48603 HV

DIN 51524/3 HVLP
ISO 11158 HV, ISO 6743/4 HV

Hydraulic / oil immersed brakes / wet clutch systems


FORD ESN-M2C-159B / M2C-159C


Technical data:


Physio-chemical characteristics Standard Value
Grade SAE SAE J300 15W40
Viscosity at  100ºC (cSt) ASTM D-445 12,5 – 16,3
Freezing point (ºC) ASTM D-97 < - 30
Flash point (ºC) ASTM D-92 > 210
Copper corrosion (3h,150 ºC) ASTM D-130 1a
TBN (mg KOH/g) ASTM D-2896 >8
Test Corrosion on steel ASTM D-665A Pass
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