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  • Averoil Global 15W40 is a high performance SAE 15W40 SHPD Extended Oil Drain Interval (EODI) engine lubricant, recommended for lubrication of Euro IV / V and previous turbocharged engines with or without intercooler and natural aspiration engines fitted with aftertreatment systems (EGR valve, SCR Catalyst).

  • Averoil Global 10W40 is a high performance, world quality synthetic lubricant for aspirated diesel and turbo engines and with state-of-the-art high supercharging rate (S.H.P.D.O.).

  • Averoil UHP 10W40 is a low ash fully synthetic lubricant (Low SAPS), last generation, specially developed to meet the most severe lubrication requirements of diesel engines in severe service regime. It has a low ash content, phosphorus and sulfur, essential characteristics for optimum lubrication of Euro V and Euro VI engines with particulate filters (CRT...

  • Averoil FAP 15W40  is an Extended Oil Drain Interval (EODI) SAE 15W40 High performance Mid SAPS lubricant formulated with synthetic bases.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items