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 Experts in Industrial Lubrication   P.E. Borondo,  Aluminio 2 - 3  ESPAÑA - PORTUGAL:  OTHER COUNTRIES:
 28510 - Campo Real (Madrid) - Spain   Tel.:  0034 918 765 244  Tel.:  0034 918 765 603

 we manufacture 2.500 references: oils, greases and lubricants

 Production capacity:  Integrated Logistics: 18.000 m  of warehouse   Mining Industry
 Lubricating oils: 112.000 tonnes/year  Production Plant: 3.000 m 2
 Lubricating greases: 22.000 tonnes/year
 Other products: 37.000 tonnes/year
 for 75 industrial sectors

 we add value

 Private Label:
 more than 80 national and international brands

 distinction  Cutting-edge technology

 Certified Quality

 Broad Coverage


 The  information  contained  in  this  booklet, based  on the  experience  and  knowledge  of  OLIPES  SL  in  the  Our products are subject to a process of continuous improvement. OLIPES SL reserves the right to change its
 Technical Support  development and manufacture of lubricants and data provided by the manufacturers (OEM), represents general  product  range, its formulations and manufacturing  processes, as well as all information contained in this
 and non-binding guidelines. OLIPES SL gives no express or implied warranty on the product properties or the  brochure at any time and without notice.
 suitability for a particular application. The user’s responsibility is to use the products according to their suitability and   All  trademarks, commercial and/or service, mentioned or implied in this catalog are the property of their
 functionality for the intended application and with due care, according to the instructions of the manufacturer of   SCAN HERE
 the vehicle or machinery.  respective owners. You should not interpret that any product sold or manufactured by OLIPES SL is an original
 OEM product. They are mentioned solely for information to the user.
 The performance of our products may be affected by a number of factors, including: the specific application, the
 Direct Customer Service  method of application, operating conditions, the state of lubricated mechanical components prior to   With the publication of this booklet will no longer be valid all previous editions. Any form of reproduction requires
 express prior written permission of OLIPES SL.
 application, external contamination, etc. For this reason, it is not possible to make universally valid
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 In-house laboratories
 and certified facilities   Authorized Distributor
 ISO 9001- ISO 14001

 ISO 9001  ISO 14001
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