Olicut Lat Eco

Olicut TF

Olicut TF is a highly fluid cutting oil, with a content high in anti-corrosive additives, antifoams, antioxidants, bactericides and others that give it extreme pressure properties.
Available in
  • 200 Litres
Properties and Advantages:
- Its composition guarantees the perfect conservation of tools and utensils.
- It has excellent moisturising properties.
- High cooling and lubricating capacity.
- It prevents premature wear of tools.
- It helps obtain a perfect finish.
- Specially formulated for ferric alloy deep drilling operations.
- Gear shaving, broaching. High speed.
Technical Data:
Physio-chemical characteristics Standard Value
Nature -----
Density at 15ºC (kg/l) ASTM D-1298 0,915-0,930
Colour, Máx. ASTM D-1500 3
Viscosity cSt ay 40ºC ASTM D-445 15,0-19,0
Flash point (ºC) Mín. ASTM D-92 170
Steel corrosion CETA-20516 Complies
Oxidation resistance (ageing) CETA-20529 Complies
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