Introducing a new installment in the Olipes white book collection. On this occasion, the subject matter is the electric car and all the implications that this form of mobility will have. The edition explains the factors that are accelerating the transition towards electrified and electric vehicles and their consequences both for society, in general, and for the automobile sector and, specifically, for the lubricants sector.

The Olipes Electric Car is a report that serves as a guide to help understand the growing implementation of electrification in the automotive industry, what its advantages are, how it will influence infrastructure, mobility trends and market evolution. It also emphasizes newer aspects such as its impact on the workshop and replacement business or the role of lubricants in electrified cars.


This edition explains that, despite the arrival of electric vehicles, it will still be necessary to use a large number of different types of lubricating grease to coat the different moving components. In addition, the requirements for these greases are becoming more stringent in terms of dielectric properties, lifetime durability, compatibility with new materials and biodegradability.

The new needs that arise with this type of vehicle are also explained, such as battery cooling fluids which, added to the lubricants mentioned above, introduce a new concept of fluids for electric vehicles: EV-Fluids.


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