OLIPES was one of the first companies to install an open lubricant selector on its website to enable users to find information on the specifications and capacities of the oils, greases, fluids and liquids used in their vehicles, agricultural and public works machinery. This initiative has been incredibly popular with our clients over the years, to the extent that the number of search queries has sometimes exceeded 30,000.

Over time, the lubricant selector has been extended to several different languages (Portuguese, English, French, Greek...) in line with the considerable international expansion we have undergone in recent years, however the search system had become somewhat outdated, as it required the user to have a clear description of the model of their vehicle/machine and the technical data sheet at hand in most cases.

Now, all you need to do to conduct a search is type in your vehicle´s licence plate, a new function that will help speed up and simplify the process of obtaining information, and which will be particularly useful for spare parts stores and maintenance workshops.

For the time being, the new selector will only be capable of the licence plate identification of vehicles from Spain and Portugal, and can be used on a computer/tablet, in addition to smartphones with an Android or IOS operating system.

We at OLIPES continue to expand our online services through the implementation of all the technological tools we have at our disposal, while striving to improve the experience of the users visiting our website.

Our website olipes.com is available on a permanent basis.

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