OLIPES complements its range of fluids for automatic (ATF) and manual (MTF) transmissions with new products and containers.

In the last 15 years, the assembly of automatic gearboxes in European vehicles has multiplied significantly. We have moved from the classical 4-speed torque converter boxes to sequential automatic transmissions, where the driver can select the desired gear, such as the VAG group Tiptronic model, to dual-clutch automatic transmissions known by the acronym DSG, DCT, DKG, EDC, PDK ..., which the VAG group has made popular under the name S-Tronic, and finally the continuously variable transmissions (CVT) used by the VAG group (Multitronic) and Lexus, among other manufacturers, and which is very common in electric and hybrid vehicles and can be of the belt (Belt-CVT) or chain (Chain-CVT) variety.

Manual gearboxes have also been upgraded, featuring a greater number of gears, and there are even piloted manual gearboxes, these being manual transmissions with an internal clutch system that prevents the driver from having to operate the pedal to engage the gears and that require lubricants with highly specific levels of quality.

As a means of meeting all these needs in the workshop, OLIPES presents its new MAXIGEAR product line for the manual transmission (MTF) family, and MAXIFLUID ATF for all ranges of automatic transmissions (ATF), now available in 1-litre format, enabling professionals to conduct all maintenance operations, while optimising stocks.

The MAXIGEAR range includes the classical, mineral-based 80W90 EP and 80W90 GL5 fluids, in addition to the most demanding formulations such as   the fully synthetic MAXIGEAR TS 4500 for 4x4 gearboxes and non-self-locking differentials, and the new MAXIGEAR 90 LS PLUS for 4x4 vehicles with self-locking differentials and heavy machinery. The Maxigear family is complemented with the synthetic-based MS 3500, specifically designed for boat propulsion systems, while not forgetting the 75W80 & 75W90 GL5 / GL4 + / GL4 fluids with a high-performance semi-synthetic base.

The MAXIFLUID ATF product range for automatic transmissions is highlighted by the launch of MAXIFLUID DX VI-WS, a world standard formulation for the most modern gearboxes of up to 9 speeds and specific products such as Maxifluid ATF DSG for dual-clutch transmissions and Maxifluid ATF CVT for continuously variable transmissions. A family of ATFs complemented by the classical DX II and DX III with DEXRON® quality level for gearboxes of up to 5 speeds.

Finally, we should mention our fully synthetic MAXIFLUID ATF 3309, a multi-purpose fluid for gearboxes of up to 5 speeds and manual gearboxes that require 75W, 80W, 75W80 synthetic long-life lubricants, as is the case of Opel (GM) .

All OLIPES transmission products are designed with carefully selected additives to prevent premature wear caused by cold starts, and to extend the useful life of the transmissions, improving ride comfort. Moreover, these products are compatible with the seals and elastomers used by the main manufacturers in the market, thereby preventing oil leaks that could pose a risk to the life of the gearbox.

These new additions will provide workshop professionals with a suitable product for each type of transmission, approved by or compatible with the specifications of the equipment manufacturer (suitable for use), providing end customers with the assurance that their vehicles undergo maintenance in the correct manner, with a full guarantee and maximum reliability and comfort.

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