Alfetronic is a family business dating back to 1937. The company´s main activity consists of the sale, repair and distribution of alternators, starter motors and new and reconditioned components for passenger cars, tractors and public works machinery. They have a large stock of both leading Spanish and foreign brands, and with almost 80 years of business experience they are regarded as one of the leading specialists in the market.

At the helm of the firm is Alfredo Garcia, a fine professional and a member of the third generation of this enterprising family, and who is familiar with each and every part and component of every brand like the back of his hand.

The relationship with OLIPES was forged many years ago. It started out as a professional client looking for the most suitable grease to lubricate the components they were repairing or reconditioning, but over the course of time they have become an active promoter of our products and an OLIPES point of sale in the south of the Community of Madrid.

Last June Alfetronic replaced the lettering on the facade of their establishment in San Martin de la Vega with the colours of OLIPES. In addition to a colourful sign bearing the names of both brands, a striking poster has also been installed with the slogan “We take care of your vehicle with state-of-the-art lubricants”. As far as the company´s management is concerned, professionalism, experience and the quality of the work carried out always go hand in hand with a lubrication brand such as OLIPES, in whom they have placed their full trust.

You can contact Alfetronic at:

Calle Plomo, 6 - Nave 6 - Pol. Ind. Airmayr

San Martín de la Vega - 28330 MADRID

Tel: +34 915 694 890


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