Associates and partners were "on trade fair business" on the afternoon of Thursday, May 20 and the morning of Friday, May 21, as guests at the traditional annual meeting of the industrial machinery purchasing and services plant Ática Redex, this being the eleventh edition, held in a highly original, innovative virtual format that impressed everyone that participated.

OLIPES, as a supplier of lubricants and greases to the companies associated with the plant, was present with a stand at which visitors were welcomed live, thanks to the digital avatars used to hold conversations both with customers and exhibitors, simultaneously and interactively, as well as visiting other stands at the trade fair.

The same means enabled us to enjoy the events in the assembly hall, in which the programmed lectures/presentations took place, and where prizes and acknowledgments were awarded to different prominent individuals and companies.

Among the most noteworthy of the events held were the presentation of the +Zentral project by the company TaKtic, the exposition of the Toy Planet Shops success story on the fight against the pandemic and the presentation of Forklift Trucks 4.0 by José Ramón Padilla.

The slogan of the event was a clear allusion to the spirit that has guided Ática Redex's activities this year: “Full steam ahead”, and we can attest that they have more than met people´s expectations.

The experience was a resounding success and we at OLIPES would like to congratulate the Ática Redex team for this innovative digital undertaking, which enabled us to forget about in-person conventions and, as one participant remarked on the social networks, “they only thing missing were the appetisers”.




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