With the arrival of the new year of 2021, version “D” of the Euro VI heavy vehicle regulations has come into force. This European regulation, which started in September 2014, has been forcing manufacturers to incorporate various technological advances into their new engines as a way to achieve less polluting and more ecological vehicles and, of course, has led to the evolution of the lubricants used in them, as well as their specifications and approvals (ACEA E6/E7/E9).

In 2014, OLIPES launched its range of AVEROIL UHP 10W40/5W30 lubricants, which met the specifications of the main manufacturers of heavy diesel engines (DAF, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, SCANIA and VOLVO) in terms of wear, engine cleanliness, resistance to rust, protection of the turbo compressor, etc., becoming the benchmark lubricant for heavy diesel engines, both in long-haul and off-road vehicles.

This is why German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has awarded its “MB-Approval Certificate” to our AVEROIL UHP 10W40 lubricant, for the lubrication of engines that require the 228.51 specification, which is the best example of the quality and technology level of our lubricants, designed by and for professionals.

Now, with a formula adapted to the new generation of Euro VI engines, the new AVEROIL UHP 10W40 with fully synthetic technology successfully exceeds the requirements of the ACEA E6-16, ACEA E7-16 and ACEA E9-16 specifications for Mid-SAPS lubricants (reduced ash, phosphorous and sulphur content), offering consumption reductions of up to 5% compared to conventional 15W40 SHPD lubricants and with maintenance intervals of up to 160,000 km.

AVEROIL UHP 10W40 is a lubricant oil especially developed to meet the most demanding lubrication conditions of diesel engines. Thanks to its Low-SAPS technology, it becomes the ideal lubricant to guarantee optimal lubrication in Euro V and Euro VI engines equipped with particle filters (CRT/DRF) and in older engines.

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