Gasóleos Daganzo is a family business founded in 1995, which started out as a lubricant distribution business in the eastern area of ​​Madrid. Over time, the service station expanded its services to a vehicle repair, maintenance and tyre workshop, car wash, store, LPG supply point, etc.

The agricultural sector is a thriving industry in this region, and Gasóleos Daganzo has always been attentive to the products demanded by local farmers for their tractors and machinery. This interest led to the company opening a successful tool plant for this purpose, and which also has a fine reputation among professionals in the sector.

This firm has always placed their trust in OLIPES as their main supplier of lubricants, greases and oils for both the automotive and agricultural sectors, a relationship that continues to flourish today and that has made Gasóleos Daganzo a point of reference for the sale and distribution of our products.

An example of this close-knit relationship are the new markings on our partner's van, featuring a combination of the logos of both brands and which will serve to improve the logistics service provided to the many customers in the region; customers with a huge appreciation of the trust, professionalism and excellent treatment they receive from the second generation of the family headed by Jenaro Gil.

You will find the Gasóleos Daganzo services at:

Polígono Los Frailes – Parcela 133 A – Daganzo (Madrid). Tel. 918 841 372 http://gasoleosdaganzo.com/

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