On January 16 and 17, 2022, Olipes had the pleasure of sponsoring the I Motocross & ATV (Quad) Championship that took place at XtremeparkChile (4th Region), in Coquimbo (City of Chile) organized by our colleagues from Alpha -Lube.

The event managed to bring together more than 130 pilots who competed in both modalities, offering a great show, full of quality and skill. 

Olipes has a wide range of products for 2 and 4-stroke engines that manage to offer high performance thanks to its latest generation additives: https://www.olipes.com/eu/en/122-sector-motos

We like to be part of the sport offering and always providing the best for car care.

We share the results of the competition, divided into 9 categories within the two modalities, concluding as follows:

  • QUAD (ATV)

50cc Category:

  • Juan Meléndez.

Categoría 65cc Category:

  • Agustina Meléndez.

Categoría 85cc Category:

  • Joaquín Pineda.

Beginner Category:

  • Benjamín Gallardo.


  • Ignacio Caul.

Enduro Category:

  • Borja Sotomayor.

Master Category:

  • Ignacio Molina.

Intermediate Category:

  • Benjamín Gallardo.

Expert Category:

  • Sebastián Parra.


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