Last Friday, March 24, Olipes held an important training initiative in partnership with their distributor in Seville, Bética de Nuevas Inversiones. The event took place at the city´s Hotel Porcel Torneo, and brought together more than thirty attendees to present the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

The training session consisted of the disclosure of the details of the new emissions regulations on agricultural machinery, in addition to the advancements with regard to agricultural engines and lubricants expected for the period 2023 to 2030. The session was designed to provide the participants with the tools required to improve the efficiency and performance of their farming equipment.

Participation in this training initiative promoted by Olipes y Bética de Nuevas Inversiones is an excellent opportunity for professionals in the agricultural sector facing the challenges inherent to complying with emissions regulations and the need to increase the efficiency of their agricultural equipment. Furthermore, the event gave them the chance to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest technological innovations and the most advanced products related to lubricants and engines.

We extend our thanks to all the attendees that made this Training Session possible!

We at Olipes are committed to development and innovation in the agricultural sector, and we are proud to be able to share our knowledge and experience with our associates and clients. We strive to ensure high standards of quality and performance solutions that enable our clients to achieve success in their business. As such, we will continue working to offer new training initiatives and events that contribute to the growth and continuous improvement of our clients.

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