Olipes had the honour of participating in the Ática Partners Meeting 2023: “The dream of Toledo”. On June 01 and 02, the beautiful city of Toledo hosted this annual event designed to bring together leading professionals from the industry.

A unique opportunity to share experiences, enjoy historical shows and participate in enriching conferences immersed in the history of Toledo. Ática Partners Meeting 2023provided us with the chance to engage in an exciting debate on the most important issues in our sector. The city's cultural richness and historical charm provided the perfect setting in which to enrich our perspectives and knowledge.

We bid farewell to Ática Partners Meeting 2023 with a sense of gratitude and enthusiasm for what the future holds. We are confident that the connections established at this event will enable us to further our mission of providing our customers with high-quality and innovative solutions. We would like to thank the organisers and participants for ensuring the meeting was an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of Ática Partners Meeting!


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