The Betanzos CCB Cycling Club held a grand sports get-together to introduce their 2023 season and Olipes made sure they were in attendance. Olipes, together with their commercial distributor Becani, based in A Coruña, is one of the team's sponsors and attended the presentation ceremony held at the A Coruña Hyundai dealership, Hyupersa Finisterre Motor.

The CCB took advantage of the event to introduce 45 of their most promising youngsters, who are currently part of the club's youth system and represent the future of cycling in the region. The team's sponsors were also acknowledged, one of the most noteworthy of which is Olipes, specialists in the development of lubricants, greases and special, top-quality and high added-value products.

The event was hosted by Alberto Gómez Barros, head of sports at Onda Cero Coruña, who highlighted the importance of the support of sponsors in the development of cycling in the region.

We at Olipes wish the Betanzos CCB Cycling Club the best of luck for the 2023 season, and hope it will be marked by sporting success and achievements. We are proud to be part of this team and we will continue to back cycling in the A Coruña region.

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