Pursuant to the success of the recent publications “A Guide to the Economic Optimisation of Workshops” and the “White Book on Lubricating Greases”, OLIPES now presents its “Hydraulic Hammer Operating and Maintenance Manual”, which is available to all professionals working with this type of machinery.

This manual is a compilation of information related to the preparation, use and maintenance of hydraulic hammers, in addition to guidance provided by operators and technicians with vast experience both in the use and maintenance of this type of system.

This edition features the basic principles of breaking up materials and criteria for the choice of shanks and tips, as well as a guide to the most common problems encountered and the respective solutions. Worthy of special note is the extensive section on the operation of the hydraulic hammers, which, in addition to tips on use and techniques, provides the ideal temperature parameters to ensure the equipment operates smoothly, a particularly important factor in the performance of this tool and the reason for multiple breakdowns.

Of course, the manual includes a section on the storage of the components comprising the hammer, which in addition to the recommended preparation, inspection and maintenance operations, provides a detailed list of the different characteristics and specifications the hydraulic fluids, lubricants and greases used on this type of equipment are required to meet.

We at OLIPES place a focus on this type of initiative with the aim of providing users with useful, clear and simple information. We provide a complementary reference document to the manufacturer's manuals that addresses basic, but important and often overlooked aspects.

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