There are hundreds of different greases on the market, some for general use (multi-purpose) and others specifically designed for the lubrication of unique systems in tailor-made situations. As a general rule, a grease is used when a liquid lubricant is unsuitable. Based on these fundamental premises, OLIPES invites you to explore and discover an extensive area of lubrication with which users are to a certain extent unfamiliar: grease lubrication.

As a result of the experience accrued in over twenty-five years as a manufacturer of lubricants and greases, OLIPES has compiled a guide containing all the essential information for the correct choice of greases. From the description of the components involved in the manufacturing process to the classification of the same in accordance with their principal use, featuring a full explanation of the names used in standards DIN 51502 and ISO 6743-9, which define the main characteristics of lubricating greases through the use of codes.

The Lubricating Grease Guidebook is aimed at all professionals using lubricating greases for their machinery and facilities in a wide range of sectors: mechanical workshops, industrial maintenance services, users of all types of heavy machinery (agricultural, public works, mining, transport and logistics…), etc. 

OLIPES is a full member of the European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI), an independent body founded in 1989 with the aim of sharing knowledge and promoting research on issues related to grease lubrication and tribology, within a common European forum and in cooperation with other public and private organisations.

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