OLIPES is once again backing this new edition of the Potencia Awards on its 15th anniversary, which as always strive to valorize the infrastructure work and projects conducted by Spanish engineering and construction companies, in addition to the new equipment and machinery unveiled over the course of the year.

Organised by Grupo TPI, the ceremony to announce the decision of the jurors will take place on 17 June and will once again be held on-line after the success of last year's edition. The format will be very similar, split into a formal first part with institutional presentations, followed by the awards ceremony itself, in addition to a light-hearted activity of a social nature, which was a pleasant guided wine tasting experience at last year´s event.

Candidates enrolling before 14 May 2021 will be eligible for prizes in the following categories:

1. Earthworks, foundations and demolition

2. Hoisting, handling and transportation

3. Surfaces and structures: aggregates, concrete and agglomerates

4. Drilling and underground works

5. Auxiliary means and machinery, components, tools and spare parts

6. Sustainability Award

7. Innovation Award

8. Research Award

This 15th edition of the event will feature SEOPAN and CNC presiding over the jury of experts, made up of machinery managers from the biggest construction companies in the country and from the main associations in the sector.

This sponsorship initiative has once again underlined the commitment of OLIPES to this industry. As a manufacturer of professional lubricants, greases and fluids for all types of public works, construction and mining machinery and equipment for over 20 years, the company is a key cog in this market, and as such is involved in the expansion and development thereof, whereby these initiatives help to increase the visibility of the sector.

The best of luck to the candidates!

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