ONA Electroerosión is the world's leading brand in the development and manufacture of EDM machinery. Founded in 1952 in Durango (Biscay), it is a pioneering company in technology and its almost 70 years of history have positioned it as the most specialised manufacturer in the world, with over 15,000 machines installed in more than 60 countries.

For this reason, it is a great satisfaction for OLIPES to receive ONA's acceptance of the special oil for EDM, Electroflow-ON, as an oil suitable for use in EDM machinery equipped with self-cleaning filters due to its viscosity and decantation capacity, after having successfully passed its trials.

Electroflow-ON is an ultra-pure synthetic oil that is dielectric and has very low viscosity, with hardly any colour or odour and a high flash point, capable of quickly and efficiently decanting the waste generated in EDM cutting operations, notably favouring their filtering and cleaning.

These characteristics make it possible to increase the usability of the oil, prolonging the replacement periods and useful life of the filters in the EDM machine. Due to its high flash point, because it is hydrocarbon-free, it also improves safety at the garage by reducing the risk of fire and not generating irritating fumes or odours during the cutting work.

Electroflow-ON is recommended for EDM processes of ferrous metals with all types of machinery, even with diatom filters.

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