This summer has to be different and unique, so at Olipes we are launching one of our most anticipated promotions. On this occasion, our customers will be able to enjoy exclusive design and limited edition beach towels to have relaxed holidays.

The beach towel is made from spun cotton, making its surface both soft and durable. In addition, its casual and summery design combines beach motifs with others from the motor world using different shades of green, the corporate color of Olipes.

A promotion that has 500 units and that begins this July 26, being valid until the end of stock. Likewise, this gift can be obtained for the purchase of 200 liters of Averoil high-end motor oils, the product line that confers high resistance to wear, corrosion and oxidation and provides very high levels of detergency and dispersancy, maintaining engine components cleaner and allowing longer oil change intervals. It stands out for its high viscosity index, which allows excellent cold starts, reducing the wear of the lubricated elements and contributing to fuel savings.

An unforgettable summer thanks to Olipes!


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