Our Portuguese partner RM Oil, a leading distributor in northern Portugal, has provided new impetus to the company´s unstoppable development with the launch of two initiatives that will revolutionise the Portuguese lubricant sector.

On the one hand, a modern logistics warehouse located in Junqueira (Vila do Conde - Porto area) has been put into operation, which will result in a significant improvement in the service to the entire OLIPES customer network in this region: repair shops, carriers, the agriculture sector and public works, in addition to the steelworks and mining industry, which can now plan their orders in a far more efficient manner due to the 48-hour delivery logistics service.

This significant increase in storage capacity will enable us to expand both our portfolio of products on the market and stocks thereof, guaranteeing a first-rate distribution service to the hundreds of professional users of OLIPES in the north of Portugal.

Moreover, RM Oil has also launched its online store (www.online.rm-oil.com) as a complement to its new physical facilities, with the aim of providing all the necessary information on our products as a means of approaching and serving professional clients, in line with the use of the new technologies available. Among the many advantages the new online store provides are the 24/7 customer service, the option of paying via PayPal and access to loyalty programmes...

These initiatives and a renewed external image represent an important step forward in the strategy the company has been implementing, the goal of which is to become the market leader among the 5 main premium lubricant brands in our neighbouring country.

In the words of Rui Mesquita, manager of RM Oil: “we know where we are heading and we have mapped out a path we are going to follow with determination, where customer service is the main focus of our activity. We welcome everyone who wishes to join us".

More information at geral@rm-oil.com y clientes@olipes.com

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