Masterclean Des degreaser for parts cleaning machines.

Masterclean Des


Masterclean Des is a pure use universal degreasing liquid for machine wash parts in machine shops. Not soluble in water.

Available in
  • 20 Litres
  • 200 Litres

Masterclean Des is a degreasing liquid, mixture of solvents of petroleum origin and high degreasing capacity, for undiluted use for machine wash parts in mechanical workshops.
Masterclean Des is not soluble in water.
Masterclean Des does not attack aluminium and its alloys.
Masterclean Des does not cause corrosion on degreased parts.
Masterclean Des is compatible with most paints, plastics and rubber seals of industrial parts washing machinery for workshops.
Masterclean Des is specially recommended for the degreasing of engine parts and mechanics in general in industrial, automotive, railway, machining parts, airports, mining, public works, ports, etc.
Masterclean Des effectively dissolves all types of grease, oils and residues present in automotive engines, tools and other mechanical devices. For more information, consult the technical data sheet and the product safety data sheet.
Appearance: Transparent liquid.
Colour: Hydrocarbon.

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