If there is a significant fact that sets the birth of "Distributor Brands" or "Private Labels" (PL) is the launch by a French hypermarket in 1976 of fifty “generic”-products without manufacturer brands. Its purpose was to differentiate the product by incorporating the distributor’s brand, offering competitive prices without reducing quality. From this initiative, the "PL" acquired luster and then, as a consolidation, they started appearing in the different markets.

The extraordinary competition existing in the saturated markets of the first world makes companies look for the way to differentiate themselves and try to get closer to their potential customers. In order to do so they have to reinvent themselves permanently. The search for return on investment, finding new products or entering into new markets, encourages alliances between producer and distributor.

Under the concept of "private-labels" the trust consumers placed in a manufacturer is now transferred to the supply chain, generating loyalty to the establishment and promoting its sales.


According to the report “Distributor brands in Spain” by the consultant Symphony IRI “store branded products reached in 2011 a market share of 41% in the consumer goods sector, despite the fact that their prices increased 3 times more than those of the leading brands.

Distributor Brands Market Share

Average share of private labels in the global market 14.9%

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OLIPES is a company accredited ENAC in compliance with quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental standard.

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offers you the opportunity to develop your own brand of lubricants for your business or distribution chain.

OLIPES puts at your disposal:

- 2,500 References in lubricants for 72 market sectors, including their engine oils approved by the American Petroleum Institute API.

- Maximum flexibility of the production and packaging lines, which allows to supply small quantities of different products in record time at a competitive cost.

- Technical support, after sales service, stock management and integrated logistics.

- Assessment in brand creation, branding, trade promotion and corporate image.

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OLIPES is the ideal "partner" for all companies and purchaser groups that want to give an added value to their brand, with the maximum guarantee of quality of the packed products.

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