OLIPES guarantees the absolute quality of 100% of its products

Our integrated quality and environment management system guarantees supervision of all our processes at all stages until the product arrives to market (product design, reception of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, transport) and even additional services such as technical support or after-sales service.

25 years of manufacturing and commercial history with this working policy have allowed us to expand to more than 45 countries and sell our products to more than 8,000 clients without having had to bear responsibility for damages caused by defects in their quality.

However, being aware of the fact that such claims could one day be made, we have a procedure to receive and manage them and we hold a Civil liability insurance policy for our products that covers up to €2,000,000 per claim.

Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil Generali

Procedure for making a claim

In the event that a client or distributor wishes to make a claim to OLIPES regarding our products, they can do so by using the email:

▶︎ State the reason for the claim in the subject line.

▶︎ The email must include:

- the batch number of the product at the centre of the claim
- a copy of the invoice for the purchase of the product
- relationship of the affected clients
- damages caused attributed to the ‘possible defective product'
- proof of the damages being claimed for:

✔️ photos
✔️ relationship of the parts or materials affected for each client
️✔️ where relevant, a report by an expert or qualified technician that states:

the damage caused
the origin of the fault
the value of its repair at market price
at least two repair estimates

▶︎ The client or distributor must also take three samples of the product supplied:

- 1 sample for OLIPES for each client affected
- 1 sample for the client
- 1 sample for the distributor

▶︎ The minimum size of the samples will vary according to the product to be analysed:
- 500 c.c. for aqueous products (water, emulsified cutting fluids, or anti-freeze)
- 120 c.c. for new oils and non-emulsified cutting fluids
- 50 c.c. for used oils
- 1Kg for greases

▶︎ The samples shall be sent to OLIPES properly identified (with the name of the client, name of the product, date of collection, and any other identifying data that is deemed necessary) for analysis and comparison with the results obtained during the quality control during manufacturing and packaging.

▶︎ The clients affected must keep proof of damages claimed for in order to make them available to an expert from the insurance company.

Once the sample has been received, together with the claim and any other documentation, OLIPES will analyse it in its own laboratory and check the quality of the product manufactured and supplied that is at the centre of the claim.

In the event that any anomaly is found in the product supplied, OLIPES will send a counter-analysis sample to a certified external laboratory.

If the aforementioned anomaly is confirmed, an internal non-conformity procedure will be initiated for the product that would be send to the insurance company so that it can take charge of continuing the claim and eventually awarding possible compensation.

All expenses generated by the claim, including the shipping and laboratory costs shall be borne by the client/distributor who opens the claim, unless the analysis and counter-analysis verify that the aforementioned claim is justified, in which case OLIPES or the insurance company itself will bear the consequential costs.

Unless otherwise agreed, the parties explicitly subject themselves to the jurisdiction and authority of the Courts of Madrid (Spain), explicitly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply to them.
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